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If you’ve been arrested a bail bondsman can become your best friend. This is especially true for the bail agents at Concord Bail Bond Store. Concord Bail Bond Store has been a family owned and run company since 1987. All of our bail bonds agents have years of experience and are trained yearly to keep them at their best.

A Concord Bail Bond Store bail bondsman can get you released from jail quickly and without the ginormous up front cost of paying the court the full amount of the bail. Using a bail bondsman can be a cheaper and easier alternative then paying the court on your own.

Not only is using a bail bonds agent cheaper and faster than paying the court on your own, they are much more helpful to you than the court will be. Unlike courts, Concord Bail Bond Store bail agents will keep you up to date and remind you of all court dates so you don’t miss any. By doing this the bail agent keeps you from getting into more trouble with the court and from getting put back in jail.

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Bail exists to keep normal, ever day, innocent until proven guilty people out of jail during their trial. This way the defendant does not have to spend several months in jail and only be allowed to leave the jail to appear in court. On bail he/ she can spend the entirety of the trial in the comforts of his or her own home. Every United States citizen is guaranteed the right to non excessive bail by the 8th amendment of the US Constitution. Concord Bail Bond Store want to help you exercise your constitutional rights as a citizen.

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