Don’t Get Scammed Just To Feel Safe

Don’t Get Scammed Just To Feel Safe

As long as there is money to be made, there will be people out their looking for an easy way to get rich quick. Scammers have existed for as long as humanity and they likely won’t be going away anytime soon. This means that if a person wants to avoid getting scammed out of their hard earned money, they need to stay vigilant.

If a person is aware of many of the various scams going around, they are less likely to allow themselves to get scammed. In theory, by knowing how scammers work, a person will be less inclined to fall for the scams that have conned so many people before. This is just one of the ways that people can protect themselves from crooks and con-artists. However, what happens when another method of safety and protection becomes a tool for scammers?

Scammers “Selling” Safety

Scammers are always looking for ways to trick people into giving them money. One of the most popular ways for a scammer to do this is by promising to provide a service or product that they never actually intend on delivering. Fortunately for people, many of these scams are easy to see. One example being the promise of a crate full of uncut diamonds for just a small deposit of a thousand or so dollars. If only all scams could be this obvious.

Unfortunately, some scammers have recently figured out how to play off of people’s fears to get money out of them. Lately, these scammers have been targeting people who either have, or are looking to get, a security system. The scammer typically goes door to door and either claims to be selling a security system, or to be a representative of a company security system company that recently acquired the company of the system currently installed in the house. They can often determine if a house has a security system thanks to the cute little sign in the yard.

The scammer will proceed to convince their victim that their security system should be updated, or that they should purchase one today because there has been a sharp rise of crime in the area. These tactics often work because the victim just wants to be safe, and the scammer is “selling” safety. Once the victim is hooked, the scammer gets him or her to sign some paperwork, handing over personal information and will then ask for a down payment while “making” an appointment to have the work done.

The scammer leaves with the money and personal info and the victim never sees the scammer, or the money, again.

Tips For Spotting Scams

When it comes to avoiding a scam, a person needs to stay vigilant. There are certain signs to look out for:

  • Asking for personal info.
  • Demanding cash payment or money transfers.
  • Coming to you for money.
  • Grammatical errors in documents.
  • Pressuring you.
  • The offer is too good to be true.

If a person starts to see too many of these warning signs surfacing, then they may be dealing with a scam.

Other ways to avoid scams include:

  • Ask to see salesman’s ID.
  • Thoroughly reading contracts before signing them.
  • Get everything in writing; prices, guarantees, and cancelation policies.
  • Never pay in cash.

If a person does this, they stand a good chance of avoiding scams.

Don’t Get Scammed

Everyone wants to be safe in their home, and no one wants to get scammed. This is why some scammers have taken to “selling” people safety through the means of a home security system. However, with the tips and information presented in this article, a person is well equipped to avoid this scam, and possibly identify others as well.

What are some of the craziest scams crooks have tried to use on you?

Share them down below and you could help others avoid the scam as well.