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Different Types Of Pleas In California

Different Types Of Pleas In California

Shortly after you’ve been formally arrested and charged with a crime, you’ll have an arraignment. The arraignment is your first opportunity to tell a judge how you plead. At a California arraignment, there are three different ways you can plea: Guilty Not guilty No-contest Guilty A plea of guilty should be self-explanatory. When you tell […]

About Aiding And Abetting

About Aiding And Abetting

It seems like the words aiding and abetting are constantly linked together, which makes most people assume that they go together. The truth is that while, legally speaking, aiding and abetting are quite similar, they aren’t the same thing and can be two separate charges. When you are charged with aiding a crime, the police […]

The Consequences Of Lewd Conduct In California

There are some things you know you’re not supposed to do while in public. These things include touching your own or someone else’s genitals while in public for sexual gratification while you’re in a public space. This type of behavior is considered lewd. What you may not know is that only is engaging in lewd […]

Transporting A Gun Into California

Few states have gun laws that are stricter than California’s. California residents who wish to purchase a gun already know that California Penal Code §§ 28050, 30605 requires them to go through a licensed firearm dealer whenever they wish to purchase a gun. But what if you’re moving to California and already own a gun? […]

Proposition 57

Traditionally, whenever a law or proposition is proposed that involves crime, it’s a move to actually create stricter laws and penalties. This is especially true when it comes to violent crimes and repeat offenders. In many cases, when you research the reasoning behind the proposal, you’ll discover that crime rates have been steadily increasing and […]

Unlawful Use Of A Driver’s License

Your driver’s license may seem like a small, inexpensive laminated card that proves to the world that you’re legally allowed to operate a vehicle in California. What you might not realize is that there are ways you can use your driver’s license that violate California’s laws. Examples of unlawfully using a driver’s license in California […]

Fall Camping Safety Tips In California

The fall is a great time to go camping in California. Not only is the weather a little cooler, but the bugs aren’t as bad either. Another advantage is that since school is in session, there are usually fewer kids at the local campsites which means the campgrounds and trails are a little quieter. There […]

Assaulting A School Employee With A Deadly Weapon

Emotions can make all of us do things we normally wouldn’t consider doing. This is especially true when you’re dealing with a child or a person connected to your child’s life. High emotions have caused more than one parent to make a bad choice and assault a teacher or school employee. In most cases, these […]

Top Internet Scams

Shortly after the internet was created, the internet scam was born. It’s amazing the number of different ways the internet has been used to scam different people. It seems like every single year, a new scam hits the virtual world and people start falling for it. While new internet scams are interesting and you should […]

Choosing A New Mechanic After You Move To California

The odds are pretty good that you rely on your mechanic even more than you do your doctor. They’re the person who keeps your car running smoothly so that you can stay on top of your personal and professional obligations. Considering how much you rely on your car running smoothly, it’s easy to understand why […]

After Hours Alcohol Sales In California

Businesses that have gone through the effort of applying for a California liquor license and who are approved agree to only sell alcohol during the permitted hours. The good news is that there aren’t many times when you’re not allowed to sell alcohol to customers. At this point, the only times California prohibits the sale […]

The Difference Between Bench Warrants and Arrest Warrants

Many people don’t realize that bench warrants and arrest warrants are two different things. While both have the same end result, you get arrested, they’re handled in two very different ways. What is an Arrest Warrant? Before an arrest warrant can be issued, a judge has to sign off on the document. This happens when […]

Saving Someone From Jail Doesn’t Have To Be Costly

Spending money isn’t always as fun as you’d like it to be. Sometimes you get to spend it on something that you really want, and other times you have to spend it on something that you need. Unfortunately, those expenses that you need to pay for usually aren’t cheap. While spending large amounts of money […]

Don’t Worry, We’ll Make Bail Easier

Most large expenses, a person is able to prepare for. This makes them much easier to deal with and handle accordingly. Unfortunately, saving up isn’t always an option. Sometimes emergencies arise, and they cannot really be prepared for. After all, that is why they are called emergencies. A perfect example of this, would be when […]

Talk About Bail With Contra Costa Bail Bond Store

Talking about bail isn’t really a topic that people enjoy. It only comes up in times of trouble. When people are talking about bail, it is usually due to the fact that one of their loved one’s has been arrested. They want to get that person out, and they are trying to convince other loved […]

Need A Cheap Bail Option?

Money is a pretty big deal for a lot of people. Just about everyone spends their days working hard to make enough money to get through the next week. If they want to make a big purchase, they have to scrimp and save to get enough money. Unfortunately, all of this makes it very hard […]

Does A Loved One Need Bail Help?

Asking for help isn’t always easy for everyone. People don’t want to look weak in front of their friends and family members. However, there are times when a person admits that they need help. When that happens, do not ignore them. If you have a friend or family member reaching out to you for help, […]

Looking For A Cheap And Affordable Bail Bond?

If you were to ask anyone who has bailed someone out before how expensive bail is, they would tell you it is very expensive. Bail costs several thousands of dollars here in California, which places it well out of reach to most individuals. That is why here at Contra Costa County Bail Bonds, we work […]

We Make Bail Cheap And Affordable

Trying to bail someone out of jail on your own can feel like fighting a losing battle. You want to help get your loved one out of jail, but you don’t think you’ll be able to get enough money to do so. Before you give up, try talking to the professional bail agents here at […]